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Replacement windows achieve at least two functions for your home. First, they very easily serve as an accent to your home, both from the inside as well as from the outside. Windows match most eye lines either from a distance or up close. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly (depending on your priorities) these features can act as a wonderfully eco-friendly element in your home.

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We really cannot emphasize enough the importance of replacement windows if you have any interest at all in “greening” your home. Frankly, we feel that making your home friendlier to the environment has too many benefits to ignore. If you care about the environment, then this is likely enough to seal your home with classy new windows. But this renovation can see a significant savings on your utility bill each and every month, enough for you to notice in your wallet. There is no doubt that this is a win-win situation that you can take confidence investing in.

ENERGY STAR/Tax Credits: Talk to us about our products that are ENERGY STAR-rated and for what kind of credits may be available when you are ready to file your taxes.

In the interest of weatherproofing … Not only do these eco-friendly replacement windows keep your cooling and heating where it is supposed to be, inside your home, but it also keeps out undesirable elements. Of course, you don’t want bugs creeping in – that is a given. But keeping rainwater out is also a very big deal. Moisture in your home will affect the conformability of your room temperature and yield higher humidity.

More importantly, however, is preventing hazardous mold … Nicely sealed replacement windows, along with a thoroughly weatherproofed roofing system and foundation keeps your home reliably dry and free of mold. When it comes to this problem in households, many folk simply are unaware of the problem until they start experience symptoms such as itchy eyes, sore throats and runny noses. The danger to your health can be severe, and mold will also slowly eat away at your property and possessions if left unchecked. Mold is also extremely difficult to get ride of – just ask any property manager who has dealt with it.

Here are some of the styles of replacement windows that we offer you:

  • Storm windows
  • Skylights
  • Bay windows
  • Bow windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Casement windows
  • Awnings
  • Canopies

Our options are many, and between style, function, price and ideas you may not yet have thought about, we have plenty of things to discuss with you. We are confident that you will appreciate our many services beyond our basic point of view of absolute customer service and the most skilled and experienced installation of quality materials such as replacement windows. We offer you free estimates and design consultation, warranties, financing options and a guarantee on our work, in writing, for one years. When you choose us for you project, we give you a schedule of our plans, and you will be able to check off our stages as we meet then on or by deadline. We understand the value of a predictable schedule, so you know exactly what to expect from us.

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We provide beautiful and well-sealed replacement windows in Sacramento, California, as well as Granite Bay, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Orangevale, Rocklin and Roseville.

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